High Property Taxes and Credit Privacy

Well, to those of you that know me you already know that I have opinions.

I believe that we have to pay attention to the good folks up in Tallahassee, they can do better. Please watch what they do and vote. Your issues and interests do matter.


STOP Unsolisited Credit Offers

This one absolutely OUTRAGES me. If you have ever applied for credit, or when you apply for a mortgage you can be sure that the Credit Bureaus will sell your name and information as a lead to other mortgage lenders and Brokers that will in turn contract and some will harass you. You have the power to control this unauthorized intrusion of your privacy.


You can make just one call to (888) 567-8688

or log onto


If you prefer the snail mail version, click on OPT OUT here you will find a word file that contains more information and pre-formed letters to the major bureaus which you may modify for your own purpose to forward to the Credit Bureaus.

Please let me know what you think.

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